Spordle Plex

Adaptive functionalities tailored to your needs

With Spordle Plex, you’ll find features tailored to your requirements that are sure to boost the efficiency of your sports venue, whether as the manager of your local arena or as a big city employee.

A flexible tool sure to boost your day-to-day efficiency

This solution was created from the ground up and custom-made for big sports facilities like the Place Bell in Laval or the Branchaud-Brière Complex in Gatineau, who reached out to Spordle when they saw that our expertise could be used to build a platform that would have a positive impact on the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

Flexibility is key when it comes to managing your network of digital displays to fit all of your schedules as well as locker rooms and exterior fields designations. As such, you can customize your displays to make sure that family members, players, coaches and officials have all of the information they need, but it's also possible to use your digital displays or even to print out various staff-related tasks, prompting better time management for everyone involved.

Transactional platform

Spordle Plex, with its transactional platform and online pricing tools, can generate advanced rental agreements as well as charge periodical payments that respect your current contractual terms and conditions as well as those of your upcoming deals.

This tool can also serve as a point of purchase for all of your transactional requirements, whether it be for a free skating session at the rink or to sell specific products.

Collaborative scheduling management, a unique feature with Spordle

By integrating Spordle Plex with the Spordle One/UNI/Planner schedule management tool, you gain access to every time slot booked by a team, an association or a group at one, or more, sports venues.

Once availability is confirmed by the association, assignments for local leagues and teams can proceed to setup a full calendar. Spordle One is the only platform on which you can share scheduling information between an association or a team, a league, a tournament and the venue. The user has live access to this content, thus saving considerable time and workload while also eliminating the risk of unnecessary duplicates.

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Just like the Centre d'Excellence Sports Rousseau, you can integrate your schedules and dressing room designations on your very own Spordle Site.

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