Spordle Play

An integrated multi-layered solution

Thousands of sports organizations trust Spordle Play because the setup is quick, easy and user-friendly. It’s also possible to integrate it all at once or you can choose to take a step by step approach to meet your organizational needs and objectives. Our integrated features offer all of the necessary functionalities for successful sports organization management.

Spordle Play modules

Icone Organisationnel


  • Manage your organization and partners
  • Manage territories, regions or groups
  • Manage your registrations
  • Manage your seasons
  • Manage every category
  • Manage your member IDs
  • Manage your committees
  • Manage access rights
  • Merge your member IDs
  • Reports
Icone Ligues, Compétitions, Tournois

Leagues, tournaments, competitions

  • Customize your competition (Points, players, rankings, periods, length, etc.)
  • Manage teams
  • Manage games
  • Manage calendars
  • Manage affiliated players, substitutes or free agents
  • Manage suspensions
  • Manage rankings and divisions
  • Produce real-time (or delayed) stats
  • Broadcast on the web
Icone Stages et Accréditations

Training and certifications

  • Manage classes
  • Manage coaching levels
  • Manage your accreditations
  • Manage lessons
  • Manage registrations
Icone Jeux et Olympiques

Games and Olympics

  • Manage competition centers
  • Manage competition sites
  • Manage various services (Food, competition, lodging, etc.)
  • Manage volunteers
  • Manage criminal records
  • Manage tasks
  • Manage every sport
  • Broadcast on the web
Icone Officiels / arbitres, marqueurs

Officials / referees, scoresheet

  • Manage participants (officials, scoresheets, supervisors...)
  • Manage participant profiles
  • Manage participant availability
  • Manage game assignments
  • Manage game reports / supervisions
  • Manage payments
Icone Ligues élites

Elite leagues

  • Manage trades
  • Manage trade offers
  • Manage drafts
  • Manage waivers
  • Manage player of the month
  • Manage advanced statistics
  • Manage athlete specific statsheet
  • Elite leagues available on the web

Collaborative scheduling management, a feature unique to Spordle

Imagine having access to schedules built by associations, or any group, for games to be held at a specific or even multiple sports venues. These time slots are available for your teams to play a game, practice or even have a special activity, like a fundraiser, for example.

Once ice time availability is confirmed by the association, assignments for local leagues and teams can proceed to setup a full calendar. Spordle Play is the only platform on which you can share scheduling information between an association or a team, a league, a tournament and the venue.

Your assignments can also be customized, the most recent example being Hockey Canada’s 2019-2020 novice half-ice program, where a single sheet of ice necessitates four locker rooms.

You want even more advantages?

  • Icone Cloud

    Cloud-based platform

  • Icone cadenas sécurisé

    Safe and secure transactional platform (PCI Compliance)

  • Customizable reports for every user level

  • Icone vidéo

    Easy to learn and master with our integrated video tutorials

  • Icone fusion de membres

    Member merger tool eliminates duplicates

  • Icone plusieurs utilisateurs

    Unlimited users

  • Icone de bulles avec textes

    Completely bilingual system (English and French)

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